Buying a new home and finding the right home loan may seem a bit daunting, as this is a larger amount of money.

A home purchase is one of the biggest decisions you will make during your life.

There are several reasons why you should consider exactly what kind of mortgage you need before you go out and choose the first loan you find.

On this page you can read about:

  • What an online home loan entails by loan terms.
  • What factors you should be aware of in connection with a mortgage.
  • How to find the best mortgage for you.

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Mortgages – How Much Can I Borrow?

Mortgages - How Much Can I Borrow?

As you can probably guess, a home loan is a type of loan used to finance a home purchase . Therefore, these loans are sometimes called a home loan.

However, the difference between a home loan and a home loan is often that a home loan is only used to borrow money to pay for the home purchase.

A home loan, on the other hand, can also be used to finance things for the house, such as furniture or a conversion and extension.

In Denmark, you can finance up to 80% of the purchase of a new year-round home with what is called a mortgage loan. On Finans Danmark’s website you can read more about laws on mortgage loans.

But what do you do with the remaining 20%? This is where a mortgage comes into the picture.

Most often, you will find that there is a higher interest rate on a home loan compared to a mortgage loan.

This is worth remembering when you need to start paying off your loans.

It may be a good idea to start paying off your mortgage and then the mortgage loan, so you get rid of the high interest rate first.

Since a mortgage is a relatively large amount, you have to think it through carefully before you just find a loan.

Even minimal changes in interest rates and installments can ultimately have a big impact on how much you will pay each month.

You will typically need some kind of advice when you buy your new home – a home deal is not just an action you just take.

There are few home buyers who buy a new home without getting professional help.

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Mortgage calculator: How much can you afford?

Mortgage calculator: How much can you afford?

Before you take a home loan, it may be a good idea to use a home loan calculator so you can see what you will ultimately pay for a mortgage.

In this way, you avoid having to stand in a nasty situation when you sign the loan agreement.

It is also important that you take all factors into consideration when making a home loan calculation.

First of all, you need to count on how much money you need for the home loan itself. In addition, there are costs such as insurance, maintenance and many other taxes associated with home purchase.

The extra costs can easily be higher than the home loan itself, so you should not turn the blind eye to these.

Here are just some of the costs that you need to include in your mortgage calculation:

  • Home loans
  • Housing Association
  • Property value
  • land tax
  • water Discharge
  • Water consumption
  • Heat
  • Electricity and gas
  • Maintenance

Most experts use a rule of thumb saying that if you were to borrow the full amount of your house price and pay cash, you could buy a house that costs about 3 to 3.5 times your annual income.

In other words, if you have an annual income of around DKK 500,000, you can buy a house that costs between NOK 1,500,000 and 1,750,000.

Cheapest home loan: Remember to look at APR

Cheapest home loan: Remember to look at APR

When you want to find the cheapest mortgage, it is important that you do not stare at the interest rate without considering all the other fees.

You should therefore look at the home loan APR when you want to find cheap mortgages.

The APR stands for Annual Percentage Costs, which shows you the percentage of the home loan you must pay each year, when all interest and borrowing costs are included.

The APR therefore includes all loan expenses such as interest, founding costs, administration fees and the like.

Since home loans often have a long maturity of up to 30 years, ÅOP is a legal indicator of the individual home loan’s total price on an annual basis.

If you want to achieve a comparable result when calculating the various home loan ÅOPs, you should always start from the same loan size and maturity.

In this way, you ensure that you compare oranges to oranges, and thereby display the cheapest mortgage for you.

You also have to remember that although two mortgages have the same APR, it does not mean that they are equally good for your situation.

The cheapest mortgage loan should also be beneficial to you when it comes to additional loan terms such as interest-only and interest-rate loans.

Interest on mortgage loans

Interest on mortgage loans

As with other types of loans, there are also several different interest rates when it comes to a mortgage.

Different types of interest:

  • fixed rate
  • Variable interest rate
  • Variable rate with interest rate ceiling
  • Interest rate adjustment

Although there are several types of interest, you usually have a choice between a fixed-rate home loan and a variable-rate mortgage – but what is the difference?

A fixed rate mortgage is a loan where the interest rate is set when you take out the loan. Whether the interest rate rises or falls, the price of the loan is always the same.

This type of interest rate is often a little more expensive, as you as a borrower ensure that it will not be more expensive for you to borrow money.

But this also means that the loan provider does not see an increase in its income if the interest rate rises.

It’s a smart choice to choose a fixed rate loan if you don’t have room in your budget to increase your expenses if interest rates go up.

The second type of home loan that you can choose is a floating rate loan.

A floating rate loan is dependent on the market rate. That is, if interest rates rise, the loan becomes more expensive, and vice versa – if interest rates fall, the loan becomes cheaper.

This loan is often cheaper as there is a greater risk of interest rates rising. However, you also risk suddenly having a marked increase in your monthly expenses.

When choosing a loan with a variable interest rate, look at the so-called short – term interest rate, as the interest rate is adjusted at short intervals. W ith other words: Here you can figure out how much the loan will cost you for a short period.

How to find the best mortgage

How to find the best mortgage

A home loan is a big decision, so you should not thank yes for the first and best loan offer.

Therefore, before setting the final signature, there are certain factors you should consider when you want to find the best mortgage for your needs.

Is there room in your budget for a mortgage?

As with any other loan, it is essential that your finances can sustain the extra monthly expense a loan entails.

It is no use taking a mortgage if you cannot afford to repay it at all.

So it is important that you sit down and look at your private consumption so that you get a clear overview of your finances.

How to get insight into how much you have left each month to pay off the home loan.

Of course, the disposable amount is changing from person to person and often depends on how much you earn each month.

However, there are many experts who recommend that the month minimum should be:

  • DKK 5,000 for 1 adult
  • DKK 8,500 for a couple
  • + 2,500 kr. Children living at home

As stated in an article from Politiken (2015), a couple with two children will be charged the requirement for a monthly disposable amount of between 13,500 and 17,000 kroner.

Fixed or variable rate?

Once you have got an overview of your budget, it is also easier to decide whether a fixed rate or variable rate mortgage is best for you.

It depends entirely on how risky you are and how much air you have in the economy.

In the online loan market you also find providers that have a fixed interest rate form, whereby you are either offered a fixed or variable interest rate.

Here, your interest rate is chosen for you.

How will interest rates develop?

Although there is no one who can safely say how the interest rate develops, it is worth keeping an eye on interest rates.

Perhaps you have room in the economy for a floating rate mortgage – but if you can see that interest rates tend to rise gradually, a fixed-rate home loan may in the long run be a better choice.

Mortgages outside the bank – not just for financing new housing

Mortgages outside the bank - not just for financing new housing

Most Danes use their mortgages to finance their new home purchase – but you can actually use a home loan for other things.

Maybe you want to add a garage to your home or put in a new kitchen?

A mortgage outside of the bank can help you when you want to get older or renovate the home .

It’s no secret that renovations can become an expensive affair. Therefore, many are looking for a mortgage loan to help their finances survive the renovation.

That way, you can still put a budget over your monthly expenses.

Mortgages – You must meet these requirements

Mortgages - You must meet these requirements

Whether you are borrowing money from your bank or borrowing money online, there are certain requirements that you must meet before you can borrow money.

The difference is just that you in the bank are often asked to fill in a large number of papers and answer a lot of personal questions.

If you apply for a loan online, just fill out a simple form, which often only takes a few minutes to complete.

Requirements to meet:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must have NemID.
  • You must have lived 12 months in Denmark.
  • You must not be registered in the RKI.

Since your mortgage often runs over a longer period than a regular loan, it may be a good idea to review your budget to see which installment scheme best suits your finances.

Normal, you can choose to repay the home loan over 10, 20 or 30 years.

Mortgages with a grace period

Another aspect to consider when taking a new mortgage is whether or not you want a mortgage loan.

This means that you do not pay installments on your home loan for a fixed period of up to 10 years. In other words, you avoid paying interest and fees during this period.

Even if you have more room in the budget during this period, you will often find that your monthly expenses in the other months are higher than if you had chosen a mortgage-free mortgage.

This is because the home loan principal does not change. You must therefore still pay for the total price of the loan.

However, it can be a significant advantage to choose mortgages with a grace period , if you would like to get rid of installments during the first period as new homeowners.

A home purchase is a big investment, which most homeowners would like to swim upstairs before the installments begin.

Best Mortgage – your own choice in the end

Best Mortgage - your own choice in the end

When it comes to choosing the best home loan that suits your needs, it is ultimately for you to make the decision.

You must of course listen to your financial advisor – but in the end it is your choice.

My best advice is to make sure that your finances keep paying off on a mortgage.

Remember! A home purchase is a big decision that you should not take prematurely.

Now you have read about the various factors you should keep in mind before taking a new mortgage

So now there is only one thing to say: Good mortgage hunt !

See your loan list and find a number of loan offers that are adapted to your needs. Maybe you discover the right home loan for your situation?