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With the bells ringing and calls for a Dave Sands journal, local author Garry Munday was happy to help. Sands, née Ritchie, is a legendary Burnt Bridge boxer who held the Empire Middleweight, Australian Heavyweight, Middleweight, Light Heavy and Australasian Light Heavy titles at the time of his tragic death in August 1952. Dave Sands, “Munday told the Argus in January. “We have the memorial and the plaque in the museum and thought it was time to do a journal on it.” The journal is expected to be published by the Macleay River Historical Society in two weeks, which fits perfectly with anniversary of Sands’ death. As far as Sands is concerned, the story usually revolves around his boxing accomplishments, but Munday wanted to approach it from a different angle. Related: “I wanted to write about Dave as the person more than the boxer – his education, his life at Stockton but at the same time not detracting from his achievements, “he said.” One of the stories I love is when he went to England, he was a bit homesick and nostalgic, but befriended the cook of the hotel where he was. “The cook played golf, took him out on the course and he was happy again.” That’s the kind of thing I’m looking for – behind-the-scenes content and digging a little deeper. ”Munday’s researches him. brought him to visit memorial tributes all over NSW dedicated to the boxing champion with plenty of information in tow. He also had his own experience with Dave Sands at a younger age living in Dubbo. “Our main attraction was to go to boxing matches at the Showground and get the bottles of orbells and earn a few shillings – I still remember the crowd there and then in my research I realized I was at one of the fights (Dave Sands), ”Munday recounted.“ They had him participate in a charity fight to raise money for the nursing home. ”Fight night at the Dubbo Showground saw record crowds attending to the Daily Liberal in October 1950 reporting that “buses full of people are born of Orange, Gilgandra, Trangie, Narromine and Wellington “. “Almost an hour before the flights started, the entrance to the Showground was under siege by fans coming by car, bus and not on foot,” they wrote. Sands fought two rounds with Doug Warren of Coonamble and two more rounds with Cyril Barwick, pleasing the crowd with his evasive tactics. Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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