Denver Arts and Venues gears up for World Art Day


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Denver Arts & Venues is calling on artists and local businesses to pledge to participate in World Art Day on Tuesday, September 7.

The annual Art Drop Day was designed by Utah artist Jake Parker with the goal of connecting people to each other and generating random connections between strangers through the act of creating and giving.

“Especially now people need a vehicle to connect, and Art Drop Day is a simple way to spread the joy and encourage the community,” said Brooke Dilling, Strategic Partnerships and Community Programming Specialist of Denver Arts & Venues, in a statement. “Since Arts & Venues started promoting Art Drop Day in 2015, we’ve seen participation increase dramatically, with people dropping art not only on the first Tuesday in September, but also throughout the year. . The Facebook group has grown from 900 members in 2018 to almost 3,600 now. “

Artists and businesses who want to get involved can commit to participating by filling out the online form and creating one or two inexpensive small pieces to share on Art Drop Day. Businesses can support local artists by purchasing artwork or art supplies, or they can throw an arts party with their staff.

On September 7, artists and other attendees hide art in the city. Then they drop clues and clues on social media so people can find their creations, and finally the artists and participants watch and wait for someone to find the hidden works. The public can join in on the fun and search for art by following #artdropday and #artdropdenver on social media, or by joining the Art Drop Denver Facebook group.

In 2018-19, the art was withheld by members of Denver City Council and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and in recent years it is estimated that more than 1,500 works of art have been ‘abandoned’. Past works of art have included sculpture, music, pottery, fiber arts, metal works, jewelry, photography, prints, books, paintings, and concert and theater tickets .

There is no deadline for artists who wish to participate in Art Drop Denver. You can find more information and the FAQ on

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