Dog’s of Bethel: Eli, the Golden Dog

Photo courtesy of Will Chapman

BETHEL – Born without a tail but with a lot of wit, Eli sits next to the Historical Society library desk next to his father and owner, Will Chapman.

“The best thing [about him] does he walk 2-3 miles every day, ”says Chapman, explaining that at the age of 4, Eli is getting stronger and stronger every day. It is named after Chapman’s fifth great-grandfather, Reverend Eliphaz Chapman who named the town, what is now known as “Bethel” and was previously called “Sudbury, Canada”.

“He’s a gentle companion, always enthusiastic, brightens up your day,” Chapman said, stroking Eli, next to him. “He stays by your side. “

Eli was born in Cumberland, Maine to Goldiva Goldens LLC, a breeder of Golden Retrievers. He was sold at half price because he was born without a tail. However, the absence of the tail did not mean lack of heart. Or the stomach.

One of Amy Chapman’s favorite memories of Eli is when he ate half of the apple pie she had just made. She had it on the cooler, wrapped in plastic. Well, Eli went into town and tore it to shreds, devouring the pie, leaving the pan empty. She found him asleep.

“[He] was sleeping! Amy Chapman laughed as she threw her hand at him.

Eli looks at his grandmother’s hand, his eyes wide. Amy and Will Chapman each take turns offering Eli treats, which he happily takes after doing his tricks. Most iconic is his turn for a treat.

Eli has been coming to work with Chapman every day for the past four years. He usually sleeps under the desk or in the cash register next to the desk.

“He is wise and [doesn’t] react to work. Chapman said.

The only time he moves is if he hears Amy Chapman nearby. Then he will start pacing the room, impatient to see Grandma. “He’s in a good mood and genuine,” Chapman says as Eli looks up, beaming up at him, his nose wet, eyes very wide and a smile that makes him one. wonders if he can secretly understand everything that is being said. Eli goes back under the desk. But when someone says his name, his ears stick up and he looks at them, only confirming that he needs to understand a bit of what everyone else is saying.

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