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Donations to the library
to improve access to history

For several years, genealogists, historians and ordinary citizens who attempt to research more than 150 years of local history have faced a serious challenge.

The Marion City Library’s microfilm viewer was showing only blurry images and had become unable to scan and print them.

When librarian Janet Marler informed Record of the problem and that no municipal funds were available to pay for the repairs, he offered a challenge grant.

The Record would donate $ 3,500 – half the cost of a new state-of-the-art computer system – if other donors matched the Record’s contribution.

Earlier this month, Marler was able to secure pledges from three anonymous donors, including an out-of-county Santa Fe Trail historian, and Meyer presented him with a check for $ 3,500.

The new equipment will allow easy access to all microfilm, including 152 year history of the Record pages and other publications that have merged with it.

Only a small portion of this archive, all dating from before 1922, has been made available online by the Kansas Historical Society‘s ongoing project to provide public access to historical journal pages.

Microfilms donated by the Record can be viewed at the Marion City Library, which has its own copies, or any other library in Kansas, which can borrow microfilm donated to the Historical Society.

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