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The Elbridge Gerry Chapter of the National Society of the Girls of the American Revolution had a good year, sponsoring the winners of the DAR Good Citizens Essay and American History Contests in the State of Colorado.

Owen Kurz, Colorado State DAR Good Citizen winner

Owen Kurz, a 2021 Peetz High School graduate, won the Good Citizen Scholarship for Men this year. According to the Colorado DAR website, the program aims to encourage and reward the qualities of good citizenship, with recipients expected to possess these qualities: reliability, service, leadership, and patriotism.

Kurz plans to graduate in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology because “he is passionate about wildlife and how it interacts with its environment.” He got his Eagle Scout and believes that “service is the most important quality of a good citizen”. He has served as president of its FFA and FBLA chapters and has been recognized in basketball, track and field, and baseball. In the words of his business professor, Owen “is definitely a leader, but never one to seek the spotlight: instead, he prefers to step back and help others excel.” “

The Colorado State Society NSDAR is pleased to recognize him and honor his accomplishments as a recipient of the 2021 DAR Good Citizen Fellowship for Men.

Two other state-level winners are brothers, Braylon and Caiden Bruns, who attend school in Caliche. They won the American History Writing Competition in their respective classes, writing on the subject of the Boston Massacre. The competition is open to students in grades five to eight and focuses on a different topic each year. State-level winners are selected in each rank from the nominations submitted by each chapter and then proceed to the division level, where the winners are sent to the national competition.

The brothers live outside of Proctor with their parents, Rion and Crystal Bruns, and are the grandsons of Kevin and Jennifer George of Ovid and Linda Bruns of Julesburg.

Braylon Bruns, State Laureate for American History

Braylon, 14, was an eighth grader at Caliche Jr./Sr. High school this year. This is Braylon’s third win in the Elbridge Gerry Chapter Essay Contest and his second win in the State Essay Contest. He is extremely happy to have won at the state level again this year. Braylon has worked extremely hard on his writing skills and is honored to be recognized by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Braylon’s favorite subjects at school are social studies and mathematics. He enjoys everything related to social studies, but especially geography and history. This essay competition fuels her love of history. He is always happy to find out what the topic will be each year. Braylon is part of Caliche’s Gifted and Talented program and is recognized in Mathematics. Numbers and history go hand in hand.

Braylon is active in school sports; football, basketball and track and field. He enjoys being part of a team and the hard work involved in the sport. He is also a member of the Caliche Jr. High Band. Braylon plays the saxophone and has just started playing the violin.

Braylon is an active member of the Proctor Peppers 4-H Club. He is the club treasurer and the second vice president of the Logan County 4-H Council. Braylon enjoys the leadership and community service projects he is involved in because of 4-H. Braylon’s project includes photography, livestock (chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks and pigs) and food.

When Braylon is not busy at school or 4-H, he enjoyed listening to music, watching videos and spending time with his family.

Caiden Bruns, State Laureate for American History

12-year-old Caiden was a sixth-grader at Caliche Elementary School. This is the first time Caiden has entered the DAR Story Writing Contest. He couldn’t be more enthusiastic about winning both locally and state level. It’s very exciting for him to be able to share the two victories with his brother. He hopes he can follow in Braylon’s footsteps and earn a few more victories in the next few years.

Also, Caiden’s favorite subjects at school are math and social studies. Caiden has always loved numbers and says his amazing teacher, Stephanie Seidl, made these two lessons extremely fun for him. He loves learning more about history and enjoys doing the research for this essay competition.

Caiden enjoys playing sports but thanks to Covid-19 he has not been able to play at school level for the past few years. He likes to go cheer on his brother at his matches when he can. Caiden is a member of the Caliche Elementary group. Caiden plays the trumpet and has just started playing the cello.

Caiden is also an active member of the Proctor Peppers 4-H Club. He is the club reporter and holds the same position for the Logan County 4-H Council. Caiden has been the club reporter for two years now and this is his first year as a council reporter. Caiden enjoys writing articles on the two for the local newspaper. Caiden’s favorite part of 4-H is community service projects, he especially enjoys being able to do things for local nursing homes. Caiden is also active in several projects in 4-H. These include woodworking, feed, canning, and livestock (chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks and pigs).

When Caiden is not busy with school and 4-H, he enjoys playing sports with his brother, spending time with his family and spending time outdoors.

The two boys want to thank their family for always being so supportive and pushing them to achieve their goals. They would like to thank their teachers at Caliche for always setting their high standards. These high standards have helped them become better students, writers, and people. Finally, they would like to thank the Daughters of the American Revolution for organizing this contest each year. It is an honor to participate in such contests and incredibly humbling to be the winners.

Elbridge Gerry Chapter, NSDAR was the godfather chapter of Braylon and Caiden and congratulates them on this accomplishment.

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