Obiano hiding under Ojukwu’s philosophy to perpetrate corruption – Group

An umbrella organization for socio-political platforms, Global Initiatives for Good Governance (GIGG) has denounced Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra state for lack of accountability since the start of his administration.

The pro-democracy group questioned the level of credibility, fairness and performance of the government led by Obiano in the management of state resources, claiming that from the creation of the government to this day, Anambra is characterized by alleged looting and senseless embezzlement of public funds under the leadership of Obiano, regretting that the funds should have been spent on the development of the education sector, health facilities, road projects and agricultural subsidies to state farmers to attract monumental and comprehensive infrastructural development to the state.

On the contrary, the group said Obiano’s government has shown a lack of high-level accountability, which has left the state with developmental delay for the past 20 years.

The Global Initiative for Good Governance, in a statement signed by its CEO, Chief Emeka Kalu, and sent to DAILY POST on Sunday, noted that erosion accidents had been one of the environmental risks facing various communities in Anambra State, further regretting that the enormous amount of embezzled funds could have been used to remedy these situations.

The socio-political body postulated that Obiano did not lead by example in leading an open-door policy where every drop of government decisions and actions is neutrally subjected to scrutiny, vigilance and scrutiny. accountability, thereby restoring public confidence in public affairs and governance.

According to the GIGG, the governor is currently working very hard to ensure that his party wins the next state governorate election by hiding under the philosophical mantle of our respected Igbo leader of blessed memory, Chief Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu , the founder of the APGA to perpetrate and perpetuate injustice, corruption and greed against the will of Ndi Anambra.

The GIGG, however, held the state leadership to account as it was ready, willing and eager to publish evidence capable of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the government of Obiano looted and is still plundering the treasury of ‘Anambra.

The group also stated in part: “Global Initiatives for Good Governance (GIGG) is an umbrella body for socio-political platforms whose responsibilities are to scale, assess and evaluate performance or not. leaders of our contemporary society and make public comments to that effect. . To whom much has been given, much is also expected of him and this statement is attributed to Chief Willy Obiano, Executive Governor of Anambra State on the current state of his credibility in the performance of his statutory duties with the people of Anambra State. .

“Our functions as a light indicator to observe how things are working in governance through intelligent collection have carefully studied and investigated to a reasonable extent and confirmed without inhibition heaps of looting, embezzlement and mismanagement of funds attributable to Governor Willie Obiano in the United States of America. .

“It is confirmed that he personally secured for his private use and his property several apartment complexes worth billions of dollars in the United States, regardless of the suffering of the poor, the destitute and the unemployed. these excesses and this imprudence.

“Moreover, if these embezzled funds were invested in agriculture, it would go a long way in increasing, reorganizing and revitalizing the state economy by boasting of maximum production of goods and services. Anambra State is one of the nation’s major food baskets where local rice, yams, cereal crops and other economical trees survive and grow, this personally coveted fund could have helped the state to achieve milestones of success in this area of ​​life.

“In our service to humanity there is no sacred cow treated with kid gloves as we work to ensure the right thing is done to rid Nigeria of the blatant corrupt rulers coming to power to amass wealth and abuse public trust ”.

Meanwhile, Gov. Willie Obiano said his administration had invested 7.2 billion naira in community development projects in the state’s 181 communities.

Obiano revealed this through the State Commissioner for Economic Planning, Budget and Development Partners, Mark Okoye, during the 2021 public presentation of the achievements of the Community and Social Development Agency of Anambra State in Awka, the state capital.

Okoye enumerated the desire of communities for direct assistance through a community development program that can shape their destiny, empowering communities to be heard and building their capacities to support development and management. funds by beneficiaries to help reduce corruption as some of the lessons learned during the implementation process.

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