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Vice President Venkaiah Naidu on Wednesday called for greater multidisciplinarity in higher education while virtually inaugurating the Moturi Satyanarayana Center for Advanced Humanities Studies at KREA University. He stressed that several careers in the near future would require holistic knowledge of various fields.

Speaking at the event, Naidu said, “My appeal to parents is to encourage and instill in children curiosity about the arts, literature and social studies from an early age. In a race to reach the best national science and engineering institutions, we ignore essential school subjects such as languages ​​and social studies. Additionally, rote learning practices will ruin a child’s creative abilities. Rather, we need to produce engineers, doctors and scientists, who come up with innovative solutions to the challenges facing humanity.

Naidu called for a renaissance of liberal arts and their integration into the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program. He added that exposure to the arts and social sciences nurtures creativity, critical thinking and social awareness and leads to better teamwork and communication skills among students. These qualities are in great demand in the 21st century where no sector of the economy operates in a vacuum, he said.

Naidu pointed out that India has had a culture of holistic education since ancient times, and noted that the National Education Policy 2020 further strengthens holistic education.

The vice president praised the efforts of colleges like IIT Bombay, which recently introduced an interdisciplinary undergraduate course that includes liberal arts, science, and engineering in one program. He suggested that other institutions consider offering such multidisciplinary courses.

In addition, Naidu stressed the importance of updating students from the humanities with the latest technological developments, so that they are able to effectively apply this knowledge in their research studies. “While technical institutions should integrate the arts into their curriculum, students from the arts and humanities should have the opportunity to expose themselves to scientific disciplines such as computer science, artificial intelligence and other fields. peak. They need to be aware of the latest technological developments and skillfully apply these advances in their own research, ”he said.

Naidu suggested that these centers should encourage innovative research in the social sciences by encouraging and enabling diverse voices. He suggested that social science academics should work closely with practitioners and policy makers to better understand social issues.

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